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Bivalirudin is better than heparin in elderly PCI patients! Research by Han Yaling et al., General Hospital of Northern Theater Command
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  Bivalirudin is recommended for perioperative use in high-risk PCI patients.What is the effect of bivalirudin in elderly patients,as a high bleeding population?

  Recently,Han Yaling et al.of the Northern Theater General Hospital published"real-world"research data showing that compared with heparin monotherapy,elderly patients undergoing PCI using bivalirudin during the perioperative period had fewer cardiovascular deaths and bleeding,and stent thrombosis.Formation risk is not increased.

  In this single-center,real-world observational study,4736 consecutive elderly patients undergoing PCI were enrolled.1240 received bivalirudin and 3496 received heparin.

  The primary endpoint was a 12-month net adverse clinical event,defined as cardiac death,myocardial infarction,stroke,revascularization,or any bleeding.

  Data after propensity score matching showed that compared with heparin monotherapy,bivalirudin was associated with net adverse clinical events(19.1%vs.24.7%),cardiac death(2.7%vs.4.3%),and any bleeding(10.0%vs..12.9%)were lower.

  There were no differences in the incidence of myocardial infarction,stroke,revascularization,stent thrombosis(0.1%vs.0.1%),and major bleeding(0.5%vs.0.5%)between the two groups.

  Source:Effectiveness and safety of bivalirudin in elderly patients with coronary artery disease undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention:A real-world study.Catheter Cardiovasc Interv.2022 Jan 25.Epub ahead of print.

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