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What should I pay attention to when taking ibuprofen?
2022-06-13 17:30:37    Access: 218  Author: spf4

  What should I pay attention to when taking ibuprofen?

  1.Symptomatic treatment

  Ibuprofen can only help reduce fever and relieve pain.Therefore,in terms of clinical medicine,the period of analgesics is about 5 days,and the period of antipyretics is about three days.You can treat the symptoms according to your own conditions.Do not take more medicines blindly.or taking the wrong medicine.Before taking the medicine,you must strictly read the instructions and the prescription prescribed by the doctor to avoid the harm to the body's internal organs due to excessive use of the medicine.

  2.Do not mix

  Clinical modern medicine has carried out relevant research on the chemical structure of ibuprofen,which shows that the drug components in ibuprofen cannot be used in combination with drugs for analgesic treatment,otherwise it will aggravate the condition,have adverse effects,and produce toxic and side effects.

  3.Pay attention to the crowd

  Everyone must pay attention that patients over 60 years old with bronchial asthma and chronic liver and kidney failure must take ibuprofen symptomatically under the advice of a doctor,indicating the time of taking it,and taking the dose privately will aggravate the degree of liver and kidney damage,which will gradually develop Because of liver cirrhosis and liver necrosis,the final treatment failed,but the condition worsened,and the gains outweighed the losses.

  4.Drug reaction

  If you experience shortness of breath,chest tightness,chest pain,blurred speech,or unclear expression during taking the medicine,you must stop the medicine immediately and go to the hospital to find out the cause.exclusion.

  Possible side effects of taking ibuprofen:

  1)Some people may experience nausea and vomiting,abdominal pain,diarrhea,constipation and abdominal fullness accompanied by bleeding from peptic ulcer,blurred vision,nervousness,lower extremity edema,and weight gain.

  2)For allergies to drug ingredients,such as exfoliative dermatitis Johnson syndrome,rare skin rashes,urticaria are recommended.

  3)Rare cystitis,allergic nephritis,nephrotic syndrome,plus renal failure,accompanied by high serum urea levels.

  4)Irritant to sensitive intestinal diseases,such as ulcerative conjunctivitis,nephritis,gastric ulcer.

  5)After taking ibuprofen,individual patients may also have rare hematopoietic dysfunction,such as leukopenia,thrombocytopenia,and erythrocytopenia.The initial symptoms are fever,fever,dry mouth,severe fatigue,and unexplained skin surface.Congestion.

  6)Severe allergic reactions face and throat edema,difficulty breathing,rapid heartbeat,low blood pressure,anaphylactic shock.

  7)Treatment with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs,accompanied by hypertension and heart failure.

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