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Ibuprofen is called the "magic medicine for reducing fever", why are many people reluctant to use it? 2 problems cannot be ignored
2022-06-13 17:28:55    Access: 213  Author: spf4

  The real scientific name of ibuprofen is to inhibit cyclooxygenase.It targets the central nervous system of the human hypothalamus that regulates temperature,and plays a relieving effect,thereby reducing the body surface temperature.Its medicinal ingredients are relatively melancholy in relieving pain,especially joint pain,neuralgia,cold,fever,headache,etc.,and the effect is outstanding.

  I believe that ibuprofen in the small medicine cabinet of every household is definitely a necessary pain reliever and antipyretic.The doctor said that ibuprofen is not suitable for children aged 4 to 8 years,because it contains very high antibiotics,accounting for about 4%of the overall drug.,Often eating will lead to dependence,and even drug resistance,and it is difficult to exert the effect of excessive resistance to related antibiotic chains.

  This medical clinic is slowly being implemented.Children's ibuprofen can help cool down and relieve pain,and even suppress short-term fever reactions.

  Ibuprofen is called the"magic medicine for reducing fever",why are many people reluctant to use it?2 problems cannot be ignored

  For ibuprofen,which is a short-term anti-fever direction with outstanding efficacy,similar drugs cannot be compared,so people call it a magic anti-fever drug,but there are also many people in life who are reluctant to use ibuprofen,mainly the following two reason.

  Reason 1:Prejudice

  I believe that for many female friends who suffer from dysmenorrhea,the most commonly used drug is ibuprofen,which can be effective immediately after taking one.The efficacy of ibuprofen alone and its short-term half-life suppressing pain can only be relieved in a short period of time for dysmenorrhea,which will gradually decrease after a period of time.

  In this way,the long-term effects of the drug will make people often go without mentioning the effect of dependence.The price of ibuprofen in pharmacies has gradually increased according to people's needs,and has even doubled several times in order to seek violence.Therefore,the painkillers commonly used by female friends make many men unable to accept psychological rejection.Although it sounds outrageous,it does exist.

  If there is a problem,everyone must choose the appropriate medication direction according to their own disease mechanism.

  Reason 2:Addiction

  According to a number of clinical studies,many people have become addicted to ibuprofen drugs for a long time and cannot quit,so they use ibuprofen to relieve pain.Especially in terms of joint headaches,our first reaction is to take an ibuprofen to relieve the pain.This has led everyone to over-rely on his presence in a subtle way.

  So once there is a need for medication,they will immediately think of ibuprofen,which is why many people are no longer willing to accept ibuprofen and worry about their addiction.

  At present,there are clear requirements for ibuprofen in medicine.After all,it is a three-point poison.You must choose the appropriate dosage according to your own condition and follow the doctor's advice.Once the condition is effectively controlled,you must stop the drug immediately.For relief,seek medical attention,choose the direction of treatment,and don’t always die on ibuprofen.

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