high-quality pharmaceutical products for the healthy life of human beings
In the future, the company will focus on antifungal, anticoagulant, eye drops, immunosuppression and The research and development and production of hypoglycemic products have become a modern high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise with sustainable development of resources and environmental friendliness.">

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  SUZHOU  NO.4  PHARMACEUTICAL established in 1952 and transformed into a private enterprise in 2004,is a comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise specializing in the production and research and development of APIs and preparations,and is committed to providing high-quality products for the healthy life of human beings.medical products.The company carried out FDA certification in 1994,and has very rich experience in drug production quality management.

  The Changshu production base covers an area of44,331 square meters.In strict accordance with the requirements of the new national GMP,high-standard preparation workshops are designed and constructed;strict quality control procedures are equipped with advanced production equipment and testing instruments to ensure high efficiency and high performance in full compliance with GMP requirements.Stable production of various products.

  In the future,the company will focus on the research and development and production of antifungal,anticoagulant,eye drops,immunosuppressive and hypoglycemic products,and become a modern high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise with sustainable development of resources and environmental friendliness.

  Geographical location and transportation:

  • Changshu High SpeedRailway Station(10KM)        • 45 km from Shuofang Airport

  • 80 km from Hongqiao Airport                   • 120 km from Pudong Airport

  • Located in Suyu Biomedical Industrial Park,Haiyu Town,Changshu City

 Employee rules


 Talent concept

Adhering to the talent work tenet of"respecting people's values,developing people's potential,and sublimating people's minds",we will build Susi into an organization that embraces all rivers.In this organization,ordinary people become outstanding people,and outstanding people become outstanding people.Outstanding people,a steady stream of people realize their life dreams here.Su Si advocates the common growth of enterprise value and employee value.With the development of the enterprise,employees also get remuneration and positions that are suitable for their own efforts,and realize value recognition.

Su Si places talent development at a strategic height,and constantly provides employees with opportunities to learn,work,and challenge themselves.This is Su Si's greatest respect for people and the greatest kindness to employees.

Su Si strives to optimize the mechanism of talent selection,training,use,and retention.From technology to management training direction,scientific evaluation and selection of personnel,all-round and multi-level training,fully tap the potential of people,and make the best use of their talents.Su Si promotes employees in key positions to carry out multi-post,cross-functional and cross-industry experience,continuously optimizes the matching degree between people and positions,people and teams,and people and organizations,improves the structure and level of the talent team,and maintains the passion and vitality of the organization.

Su Si cares for employees from the aspects of life,emotion and growth.

Su Siren cherishes their inner dreams and pursuits,because they are more energetic,more creative,and more motivated to surpass other organizations and individuals,and realize the sublimation of their own realm.

 Cultural concept

◆  Corporate Mission

    All for the cause of human health,helping patients overcome serious diseases.

    We should always remember that medicines are made for human beings,not for profit.As long as we stick to this belief.Profits will follow --- Mr.George W.Merck

◆  Corporate Vision

    Be a good person,be a good medicine.

    Su Si is a pharmaceutical company,and the quality of medicine is the life of the company.The quality is not detected by inspection,but determined by people's production,so we must put"being a good person"in the first place."In the beginning of man,nature is good."Kindness is the warmest,most beautiful,and most touching aspect of the brilliance of human nature.Not everyone is successful in life,not everyone can be a hero,but remember to be kind.If a pharmaceutical company wants to do a good job in medicine,the basic conditions must be down-to-earth to be a good person and good deeds.

◆  Enterprise spirit

    Strive to be powerless,work hard to move yourself;keep your word and deeds.

    Through the continuous efforts and innovation of all employees,keeping our word and adhering to our mission,we will surely make our company a well-known technology-based pharmaceutical company in the new era.

 Company purpose
Create opportunities for employees, create benefits for customers, create benefits for shareholders, and create value for society.

Employees are the most fundamental source and motivation of our services:

One of the goals of the company's development is to provide guarantees and opportunities for the sustainable development and future life of our employees.Therefore,our employees are the core customers of our company.The company provides employees with matching benefits,satisfactory working atmosphere and Development conditions---Internal service can continuously inspire employees to serve the enterprise wholeheartedly.Therefore,the company must establish a service concept from top to bottom:high-level services for the middle-level,and middle-level services for the grassroots;departments serve each other;departments serve employees,Colleagues serve colleagues;the concept and chain of service should run through the company inside and outside the company.

Customers are the most direct markets we serve:

The needs of customers are our pursuit,and the future of customers is our future.Only through the continuous improvement of our service methods and the continuous innovation of service concepts can we continue to meet the changing market needs of customers.Our services can continuously improve our market competitiveness for our own development,so as to provide us with a broader market space.

 Corporate values  

Adhere to ideals and beliefs,do things with a sense of responsibility,and be a person with gratitude.

Adhere to ideals and beliefs ---- focus,struggle,win-win

Insist on doing things with a sense of responsibility ---- innovation,efficiency,excellence

Insist on being a man with gratitude ---- respect,loyalty and integrity

Adhere to ideals and beliefs:

What enables us to strive for is an ideal;what is necessary to achieve an ideal is belief.Only those who are not afraid of hard work and climb the steep mountain road can hope to reach the glorious peak;only by sticking to their ideals and beliefs,and unremittingly pursuing and working hard in the change,can they achieve final success.

Insist on doing things with a sense of responsibility:

Doing things right at the first time can improve efficiency,minimize waste,and reduce costs.It is the fundamental guarantee for building an economical enterprise and maximizing customer benefits;but doing it right is not enough.Well,so we should also advocate"innovation,efficiency,excellence"to make the best products and services,so as to create the greatest value for customers,create the greatest benefits for the enterprise,and enable the enterprise to realize the inner thought from excellence to excellence power.

Insist on being a man with gratitude:

The first step to success is to have a grateful heart,always grateful for what you are;at the same time,have respect and gratitude for what others have done for you;be grateful to those who raised you,because they Make you grow;be grateful for those who help you,because they get you through hard times;appreciate those who encourage you,because they give you strength;appreciate those who educate you,because they enlighten your ignorance;appreciate those who despise you,Because they awakened your self-esteem;thank those who abandoned you,because they taught you to be independent;be grateful for everything,learn to be grateful,and be grateful to all those who made you grow.Only those who are grateful can have respect,loyalty and integrity,and can continuously enhance the cohesion of the company and lead the company to continuous success.

 Business philosophy  

Build a management system that integrates quality, environment and safety.

Quality is the life of an enterprise, and the environment affects the survival and development of human beings. Safety is the benefit, responsibility, and guarantee of life. Only by guaranteeing product quality, caring for the earth's environment, and strictly paying attention to safety, can we achieve long-term sustainable development of the enterprise. Contribute to the sustainable development of human health.

Behavioral culture  

People-oriented, scientific innovation

The word "enterprise" becomes "stop" without "people". People are the necessary elements for the progress and development of enterprises; the development of enterprises is for people, and at the same time, the development of enterprises also depends on people. Over the years, Su Si has been encouraging employees to persist in learning, and through continuous training every year, is building a high-quality workforce. "Trees are strong and prosperous because they have roots, and water flows endlessly because of their sources." Scientific innovation is the source of vitality for an enterprise. Only through continuous scientific innovation can it maintain continuous vitality.

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